The Call to Serve: A Review on the 2016 KDrama Descendants of the Sun

Tell me, is there a lovelier sight to behold than that of doctors and soldiers working hand in hand, serving the country “together”? And is there a more nerve wracking, tear-jerking, heart warming love story, with all the life’s irony, than that of a soldier and a doctor? 

Yes, there may be. 

But one thing’s for sure. Such a beautiful story proved to me that to live is to be noble. And to serve, we ought to give our all. It’s when we learn to put someone’s needs before ours that we begin to sustain peace – something which we possess, but we usually look for elsewhere. 

Life is about endurance. It’s in acknowledging our differences that we learn to appreciate what’s the same. And it’s about holding on to the truth that love, though it may be put to test, will always conquer all in the end. 

Thank you, Descendants of the Sun. You’ve rekindled the fire inside. Truly, you’ve left a huge mark in my heart.


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