I Wish…

One evening, I looked up at the sky.

And there was one wish that was brought to mind:

I wished I could go back in time;

I wished I could be a child again –

without the worries, without the stress,

without the past and all those regrets

without the burden brought by today

without the anxiety that awaits tomorrow

Yes, I wished life could be that simple again.

I wished I could be a child again.

But I realized, all I can do was wish for it to happen.

And it will always remain as a wish; a wish that can never be granted.

Life, as it is now, is all I have.

I can never go back,

And I can’t afford to make it fast forward.

No matter what I do, No matter how hard it may be,

I have to go through  the life that was laid down for me.

As I grow older each day, I realize that

What happened before, I can never change anymore.

Only the lessons of yesterday will prepare me for more.

What happens now, is for me to cherish, to treasure, to value.

Because once it passes, it will just be another memory to look back to.

What holds the future may be unknown but it will always be worth waiting for.

And so I’ve learned that being a child again wasn’t what I truly needed

It was accepting the reality, that life comes with age,

Age welcomes experiences,

And experiences bring about maturity

And that maturity enables us to understand

That we can be happy even when things seem to fall apart;

We can smile through all the pain;

We can believe even when reason and rationality tell us to do otherwise;

Because at the end of the day

Whether it’s about living a simple life

Or being happy with who we are

It is still our choice.

It has been and it will always be.

Before, I wished I could be a child again…

I wished I could go back to yesterday.

Not anymore.

I’d rather accept the bigger challenge.

I’d rather go through today

And await what holds tomorrow. ✨


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