Yes, That’s Love.

Love is never just about what you think or feel about a certain person in a certain span of time. Love is more about the little things you do for him or her, the decisions you make each day that would affect his or her life in one way or another. Love cannot be fully defined by your emotions. It goes way beyond the butterflies in the stomach, the quickened heartbeats resulting in tachycardia, or even the feeling of being on cloud nine. Love is a commitment. Love is a choice; a decision you make especially when you seem to run out of reasons to do so. Love is a ministry – both to people who are easy to love and more so to the people who are very hard to love. Love is exactly what Jesus has shown us when He decided to embrace all that we are. It’s the love that covers all our sins; a love that had forgiven even before we realized that we were wrong. And a love that continues to believe, to work and to strive so that, slowly, change will take place in the very core of anyone who’ll be filled with it – a change that illuminates, rather than that which simply shines; a change that will also bring about change to more redeemed souls as time goes by; a change that can turn this hurting world into a place filled with new hope and new beginnings.

So yes, I think, love is all about causing a great impact in the lives of the people whom you consider dear to you. It is about how much their views about life and the world have changed because they’ve known YOU. And if in case you don’t know yet, you have been loved for so long.  So don’t look for it anymore. You have it in you a long time ago.


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