Thoughts: on seeing things with a clear perspective 

It has been more or less 14 years since I’ve first worn a pair of eyeglasses. Yes, I discovered that I was having problems with my eyesight during the 2nd grade. In fact, I started out with a grade of 250 for both eyes. Now, I have a grade of about 800 and it’s almost impossible for me to recognize a person without my glasses, even with a fair distance. 

Wearing glasses was a challenge, for so many reasons – first, I’m one of those people who would really look like a nerd when wearing glasses; second, it’s hard to play basketball or volleyball or any kind of game that would involve playing with a ball. I already experienced being hit straight in the face and my glasses almost broke (thank God it didn’t shatter into pieces or else I would probably be blind right now); third, when it’s summer and you stayed long under the scorching sun, your glasses would leave a mark on your face making that portion the only one not getting a sunburn; fourth, in case you misplace it, it’s gonna be hard to find since, remember, you actually needed a pair of glasses to see clearly! 😂; and lastly, the maintenance required. The pair of glasses that you used when you were 7 will most likely not be suitable for you after three years or so…or maybe, even just after a year. The grade of your eyes would increase over time, and then you had to request for a new pair of lens. The prices, especially for those of good quality, were never a joke, either. And you just had to have your eyes monitored at least a year, just to be sure you won’t be needing a higher grade for the lens anytime soon. 

But then, there’s the bright side in wearing glasses. For some people, you would look like a smart kiddo who diligently studies his lessons every night even if that’s not exactly the case. 😂  But I guess the best part about wearing a pair of eyeglasses is that a person who’s almost close to being blind is finally given a chance to see the world in a clearer point of view. Someone who may struggle to see the fine details of his surroundings and even the person he’s talking to, may now enjoy the beauty of seeing things in a better resolution. In reality, not everyone has been blessed enough with a 20-20 vision, for various reasons – the problem may be hereditary, it could be the life style, or certain incidents along the way. But at least people like us could still have a chance to look around and appreciate every fine detail. 

It may be much of a hassle, but if it meant seeing the world in a clearer view, I would be thankful enough to be able to wear a pair of eyeglasses. 

The thing is, not everyone can see the world clearly as much as most people do. There are others who have a greater obstacle of not seeing anything at all. I hope today, if you felt that everything in your life has been shattered into pieces, the fact that you are reading this right now means that there is an expensive gift that you must be thankful for every single day: that is the gift of eyesight. ❤ And don’t ever take it for granted. Explore the world – read books, travel to different places, take pictures, visit people, make memories. Appreciate the beauty reflected around you because you’ll never know when you’ll lose the chance of seeing things in a clear perspective. 


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