A year ago, I had almost entirely different plans for the next five years or so. Thanks to all those detours, I decided to aim for a much better destination.

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Walk at Your Own Pace

You may think your life has gone wrong just because something turned out entirely different from what you have always planned…until you come to a concrete realization that you’ve actually been reserved for something GREATER – much, much more than you’ve ever imagined for yourself. Don’t be stuck with the “detours”. No matter how many they may be, bear in mind that there is always a “destination” to look forward to. Wait. Work. Trust and obey. 

In every detour, you have the privilege of building your core, so that when you reach your destination, you’re the person fit for the job.

Walk at your own pace. You’re in no competition with anyone else. At the end of the day, nothing’s more heartwarming than seeing yourself better than who you are yesterday, and seeing the rest of the world experiencing the same. 🙂


May we reach a point in our lives when we can wholeheartedly say, “Thy will be done, even when it hurts. ‘Cause You know better than I.” 

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Straight from the Heart: 2016 Reflection

“…And so I’ve finally understood how instances which brought tremendous anxiety can lead a person to strive and achieve absolute peace. Because through it all, we always have a choice: Whether to appreciate the beauty of the petals or to hurt ourselves with the flower’s thorns; or even to be bold enough to believe in the best of both worlds. And even when we think that there’s no other choice, thinking in such a way also became our choice…” -mgls©2016

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The earth may shake. Oceans may rise. Thunders will roar. Still, my God is Lord of all.

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Everything will be okay. 

Dear, you.

Yes, YOU.

Everything will be okay.

Maybe not today;

Maybe, not even tomorrow.

But believe me:

Someday, everything will be okay.

You’ll be okay.

And all the pain will be taken away.

Everyone has his “bad days”.

But someday, things will fall into place.

Hold on to that faith.

Again, everything will be okay.

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Life is a combinatiom of a “yes” and a “no”; of acceptance amd of rejection. Life doesn’t always give you what you want, when you want it or how you want it. But one thing’s for sure, it gives you what you’ve always needed.

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In whatever aspect of our lives, waiting can be rewarding. Because great things take time. 

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It’s amazing how one person can cause an impact into someone else’s life. Indeed, there is power in every testimony.

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